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Wonder Woman

Overview – Wonder Woman the Movie

Yesterday I watched Wonder Woman, with my wife. It was a movie that was both enjoyable and full of excitement, with many beautiful women. This is a brief review of the movie. The latest movie is a truly amazing superhero movie. It recaps the tail of Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman. This movie takes place 60 years after the events of the first film.


The movie stars Gal Gadot in the primary role of Wonder Woman. The movie takes place in the 1980s and focuses on themes of love, greed, loss, and redemption. Like many movies today, the movie has truly remarkable special effects. The movie captures the 1980s and its iconic cultural references. The wonderful choreography shows you the incredible strength and agility that Wonder Woman has as she battles her enemies. Between many of the intense action scenes, the movie is sprinkled with heartwarming romance and humor.

Gal Gadot plays the role of Diana Prince perfectly. She allows the audience a personal connection to all of Diana’s amazing qualities. The dynamics between all of the costars are excellent. The entire cast integrates wonderfully and adds great depth and strong performances.

Throughout the movie, the human condition and the consequences of seeking power and control are explored. The story tries to help us grasp the emotions of love and loss. The movie gives us hope by showing us themes of redemption and the importance of second chances, as well as the need for self-forgiveness.


If you are a fan of the Justice League, Diana (Wonder Woman) is one of its seven founders. You will enjoy this movie as it remains true to the original story and is brought to life through the amazing technology available in cinema today. You can rent or purchase this movie through Amazon. Please check out our other movie reviews and content. Thank You for stopping by !

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