Fall Bass Fishing

Fall Bass Fishing

Fall Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing –

Let’s talk about Fall Bass fishing. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year to fish for Bass. They school together more in the colder weather in preparation for winter. The bass seem to be more active as well. There are less people on the lake driving us crazy with their Jet Skiis and large power boats zooming into the coves and inlets where we like to fish. In the fall foraging for food becomes more difficult for Bass and other fish species. You should consider using an effective lure for your particular location, depth and environment. Is there foliage, branches or other vegetation? Don’t forget water depth when considering which lure to use.

Bass Fishing Lures

If you are not fishing with live minnows you should consider a spinnerbaitspinner bait lure. It is effective in nearly any water depth. It sparks the Bass prey instinct to chase their food and is very effective in the fall season.

crankbaitMy son Ron and I also like to use crankbaits in the fall. Crankbaits are easy to cast and direct to a target along vegetation or fallen trees in the water where the bass congregate.

topwater bait

My personal favorites are  topwater crankers. These are called poppers and I enjoy the action when luring the fish with this popper lure.


Bass Fishing Tips

Docks rocks and other cover are places where the bass will be schooling in the fall. Bass like to hunt together in the fall to feed up before winter. They basically will eat any other fish available to them. If you hit on some bass by a dock stay there a bit and be patient. There are likely more bass there hunting for a meal. Weeds and other vegetation are other key areas you should be fishing for bass. Try to use lures that mimic the local baitfish in your location. Ask other fishermen, most anglers where I fish are happy to share tips and information.


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