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Apple Air Tag Best of the Property Locators

apple air tag

Do you keep losing your keys, wallet, or other items? If you are an Apple product user, this device is for you. What is this product, you ask? It is the Apple Air Tag. It uses Bluetooth technology and works with Apple phones and iPads through Find My Network. You can even integrate with Siri and ask for help finding your misplaced item.

The Apple AirTag also features a built-in speaker that plays a sound to help you locate the item and a user-replaceable battery that can last up to a year. It has privacy and security features, such as encryption and anonymous tracking, to protect your location data.

The tag easily attaches to almost anything you need to keep track of using double sided tape. The air tag also comes in models shaped like apples and some have key rings for easy attachment to keys, pets and other items. There are tag type trackers available for Android devices as well. I will try to review them in the future. Although this is a very short review not much more can be said about this product. Most people find this product works well. Reviews I have read agree with the ease of use and applications tracking ability using these products.

Remember these are mostly for short range tracking approximately 30 feet. The pro model has a range of 50 feet. You can also find items further away using apples My network feature.

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