Bass Lures Booyah Pond Magic

Booyah Pond Magic

Booyah Pond Magic

  • Booyah Baits Your Best Bet for Bass Fishing
  • Spinnerbait
  • Species: All Freshwater Game Fish
  • Technique: Cast and retrieve with erratic action simulating a wounded baitfish.
  • For best results, use a double loop knot with 8-10-Pound test line.

Booyah Pond Magic Lure. Each Pond Magic Lure features specialized color and blade combos selected to match the forage base of smaller waters. Small in size by spinnerbait standards, but certainly not short on features. Premium components and 60-strand ultra-fine silicone skirts mean big quality! Pick up a Pond Magic Lure and see for yourself… they’re fish-catching machines! 3/16-oz. in a variety of colors! State Color. Order Today! Booyah Pond Magic Lure


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