Trout Fishing Trout S.O.S. Line Spool (2-Pound Test), 350-Yard Reviews

Trout S.O.S. Line Spool (2-Pound Test), 350-Yard

Trout S.O.S. Line Spool (2-Pound Test), 350-Yard

  • S.O.S. is a copolymer line that is soft and easy to cast, it has excellent stretch and abrasion characteristics that make it the perfect line for light-line fishing.
  • It is hard to be a successful fisherman without using the right line.
  • The problem is – it is difficult to find a light line with the right color and the right strength.
  • Using the proper line will make a difference in the amount of fish you catch. S.O.S. lines are the strongest lines on the market when comparring lines of similar diameters.

Trout S.O.S. Green is designed for stealth and is almost invisible in the water. Trout S.O.S. Green is great for trout, but can also be used for any light line fishing. The effectiveness is described in the name: Strong, Obscure, Small.

List Price: $ 5.79


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