Superpayme Review 2016 Legit or Scam – Earn Extra Cash

Earn Extra Cash

Make Money Online

What is SuperPayMe ?

Superpayme is a website that is a portal to online surveys, trials PTC ads and other offers. If you are looking to make money online this might be of some interest to you. You will NOT get rich or make tons of money. You should be able to earn extra cash to pay for your weekly gasoline or perhaps to fund a hobby.

Is Superpayme a SCAM?

SuperPayMe is not a scam. I have been paid by for my surveys and PTC add clicks. The money went right into my PayPal account as I have my account configured. Some people claim to make several hundred dollars a month. I do believe this is possible, but would require some dedication. I answer my surveys casually from my laptop while watching tv so I do not mind if I only make a few dollars at a time. I would not be making any money just watching tv. I use the extra money for gasoline and to feed my other hobbies. It’s not much but it helps.

How do I Join SuperPayMe?

SuperPayMe is FREE to join. Just click the banner below. Then click on the blue sign up for free button.

What else do I need to know about Superpayme to earn extra cash?

  • Play fair, read the rules or you will be marked as a cheater and banned
  • No proxy’s
  • No multiple accounts
  • Does NOT work with OPERA
  • No anonymous IP addresses

This and everything else is clearly provided on their Website. If you have some free time on your hands this is an easy way to generate some extra cash. Once in a while the surveys are not relevant to you. Generally you are offered another survey at the same pay rate. The surveys average around fifteen minutes each. They vary by topic and are easy to answer.

I can say from my own experience that joining Superpayme is safe and Legitimate.


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