Jeep Wrangler Drivers Seat Relocation

YJ Modified Seat Position

Jeep Wrangler YJ Drivers Seat Relocation

Jeep Wrangler Drivers Seat Relocation step by step. Many things change over time, unfortunately your Jeep is not the only thing that time and lots of fun can change. Whether its the BEER GUT… just good eating or time itself you might find your front porch making too much contact with the steering wheel of your Wrangler. Here is a quick fix. Yes, I know a diet would be another good idea, but for now this is faster.

Project Time: < 1 Hour

Step One – Remove the drivers seat from the slider rails.

  1. Move the seat to the most forward position. (Wow who could fit in there?)
  2. Remove the two front bolts located under the seat in the slider rail. (Mine were 13mm)
  3. Slide the seat to the furthest point back away from the steering wheel. Remove the rear two bolts.
  4. Remove the seat out the door opening and put aside for now.

Seat Base

This is what you should see now. You can remove the seat adjustment/slider bar handle to make working on this easier. It is just held in by tension. Gently flexing the sides inward will allow you to remove it.

Jeep seat position

To give you an idea of before and after, this is a picture before the modification. Notice that the Drivers seat is even with the fixed mounted passenger seat. In this photo my drivers seat is back as far as it goes. It is easier to reference the front of the seat due to the angle of the photo. Also the seat adjustment knob is still spaced from the roll bar.

Step Two – Removal and reinstallation of the slider rails.

  1. Slide the rails forward (toward the steering wheel) and remove the rear torx screws.
  2. Now slide the rails all the way and back to remove the front torx screws from each side.
  3. Line the front rail edge to an existing hole that is further back on the rail base, (not the original threaded hole, see photo)
  4. Mark and drill the new front mounting hole. Repeat for other side.
  5. I found some nuts that fit the original torx bolts and I reused them. Mount the two front bolts in the new holes (Just snug them dont tighten yet).
  6. Make sure the rails are parallel to each other and square to the base mount.(If not you will have trouble later on with mounting the seat, and it also may not slide smoothly)
  7. Mark and drill the rear holes.
  8. Attach your rear bolts, tighten all four bolts.







Step Three (Final Step) – Replacing the seat.

  1. Slide the rails forward (toward the steering wheel).
  2. Place the seat on the rails.
  3. Line up the front rail hole closest to you to the seats threaded mounting hole.
  4. Hand thread this fist bolt, then using your ratchet do not tighten but bring the bolt to the end so it is flush.
  5. With the front bolt in the mounting hole on the rail furthest from you jiggle the seat till you get the bolt properly threaded.(Again do not tighten but bring it flush or the rails wont slide for the next part)
  6. If your rail handle is still off put it on now and slide the seat back as far as it will go.
  7. Get in the back seat of your Jeep and kind-of lay on it toward the drivers seat, you will thank me later.
  8. Insert the rear seat mounting bolt closest to you, you may have to jiggle twist or press against the seat or rail to align the hole.
  9. Insert the rear seat mounting bolt furthest from you, you may have to jiggle twist or press against the seat or rail to align the hole.
  10. Tighten all seat bolts.
  11. You are done ! 

Additional Photos and Notes

YJ Rail Base






There are several reasons that you cannot move the rail back any further. Here is one of them. You would not be able to insert and secure the front seat mounting bolts. The rail base would interfere.

Mounting Hole






Location of the threaded mounting hole under the seat.

YJ Modified Position






After shot, comparison of drivers and passengers seat locations. Note that the drivers seat is now further back than the fixed mounted passenger seat. See how the edge of the front of the drivers seat is now back further than the passengers.

YJ Backrest Adjustment Knob






The backrest adjustment knob, with the seat fully extended just missed the roll bar, another reason not to move the rails back any further.







Photo of the seat base slightly extended from the seat when set back fully. If you don’t like this don’t do the mod.

The method described above was selected for the following reasons:

  1. Moving the base would be more difficult. The shape of the base contours the floor. The base is mounted in reinforced areas.
  2. Inexpensive
  3. Fast
  4. Safe… all safety equipment, seat belt, roll cage and floor integrity not modified. Center of gravity still sufficent to base.
  5. Easier and faster than dieting…although I am working on that.(Another project)

4 comments on “Jeep Wrangler Drivers Seat Relocation

  1. It got me off my butt to fix my seat. I just aquired a virtually new 2000 jeep wrangler YJ. I squeezed by belly in and got it home just fine, but ya know it would be nice I thought to move that seat back like my old CJ7 was.
    I found that when I began pulling nuts under the seat of the new ‘cream-puff’, that the slide rails were riveted onto the seat frame. Anyway, I got all 8 nuts off the slider assembly and pulled the seat. Looks like I will be able to move the seat back about 4+” to the next hole set back. Then I’m thinking I will get a small piece of flat bar to hang off the rear and pick up the last seat stud.

    1. I was hoping this would help someone like me who needed a bit more room.
      I am building another jeep and will post when the snow finally stops and I can do more work.

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