Fishing Trip Planning – How to Plan an Extravagant Fishing Trip


Lure in the Luxury: How to Plan an Extravagant Fishing Trip

Luxurious Fishing Trip

Fishing has been around since the 4th century BCE when people in China used a silk line and bamboo rod to catch their dinner. Back then, fishing was a means of survival and the only way you could get a bite to eat. However, as the sport moved into the 21st century, it’s no longer about survival and simply about having a good time. So, if you’re looking to glam up your wilderness excursion, try these simple tips to make your next fishing trip the most luxurious one yet.

Pick a luxurious destination

As an angler, you know that the destination is key for a good fishing trip. You need to find the best spot, at the right time, for the best catch. However, you may want to also consider other aspects of the destination to make your trip even more luxurious. There are many lodges and fishing sites that provide luxury and amazing catches. Here, you can enjoy spas, luxury fishing boats, and accommodation while you’re waiting for the big catch.

Spice up your lunch

Probably one of the easiest ways to upscale your fishing trip is by finding the perfect bite to eat. During a long day on the water, sometimes a taste of home or luxury can help put you back in the mood to keep fishing on. You can use a portable coffee pot to brew your morning pick-me-up and help you stay energized. You can also use the pot to create some amazing meals. Add some salmon into the water and cook with seasoning for a five-star lunch, or prepare some pasta in your boiling water. Either way, you’ll have a meal you’d never imagine you could make on a boat.

Add some glamour to your camping

Fishing is all about becoming one with nature and therefore many people camp out during their angling excursions. However, nowadays, there is a huge trend towards glamorous camping, or glamping, that can make your trip even more extravagant. These campsites can be found online on sites such as Airbnb and are luxurious accommodations located right in the middle of the wilderness. Here, they provide you with running water for bathrooms and kitchens, comfortable sheets for your bed, and beautiful views of the wild.

Fishing is no longer all about survival. Now, it’s a recreational sport that can be transformed into a luxurious excursion. Glam up your trip and you’ll never go back.