Guitar Playing For Beginners – Learning To Play Your Favorites

Guitar Playing For Beginners – Learning To Play Your Favorites

The inspiration for many people even beginners is to pick up the guitar is to play epic, crunching riffs and melodies. Whether heavy metal, blues, grunge, punk or anything else, it feels good to be able to pick up an axe and play a piece of music that is emotionally powerful to you. In this respect, playing guitar has been proven to aid mental health and you can probably tell that from the positive feelings you get when you’re playing.

Guitar Playing For Beginners

For a beginner, equipped with starter guitar equipment, guitar might seem difficult though – and many songs do require a lot of time to get to grips with. Here’s how you can learn to play your favorites.

Guitar mastery requires Practice, practice, practice

Just like anything else you might pick up when looking for a  new hobby, getting good at the guitar takes time and effort. There’s a piece of thinking that suggests that it takes 10,000 hours to  master anything and whilst this varies, the principle is true – more practice, better player. This is true with guitars, where some of the legendary guitarists like Hendrix, BB King, and Santana all implement techniques they’ve diligently practiced into their playing. Get to grips with the guitar, keep practicing licks and riffs, and you’ll start to build your abilities up.

Use Tablatures

Reading sheet music is very useful in terms of gaining an all-round view of what a piece of music should sound like. However, for guitarists starting out, have a look at tablature. Instead of reading like sheet music, these tell you where you should be placing your fingers at any given time and what action you should be playing through. The advantage here is that most websites allow users to submit their own, meaning the person you’re learning from has been through the learning process themselves to map out the song.

Start easy

How many times have you been in a music shop and heard Smoke On The Water ringing out, the simple four-note over and over? That’s because it’s simple, and sounds good. Try starting simple when you first play – learn riffs like Smoke On The Water and Seven Nation Army or simple chord progressions like Knockin’ On Heavens Door. By doing this, you’ll be able to learn the basics of the song. Afterwards, you can embellish and develop the riffs you’ve learned and make it your own version.

Playing guitar is a great pastime, wonderful for mental health and a great all-round skill to develop. With lots of practice, you will be able to ably play your favorite tunes.