What Makes for a Great Practice Space?

What Makes for a Great Practice Space?  – GuitarFella.com

If you are looking to play guitar at home and want to use your free time practicing those challenging riffs, you need to carve out a space that will keep you coming back for more. With a designated space at home for practicing, you will never feel the burdens of at-home distractions, and you will look at practicing as a creative outlet for the musician within you.

Knowing the tricks to creating a great practice space will help you become the next rock’n’roll god or goddess. Here’s some ideas to consider for your space:

·         Make room! – Though this may seem fairly obvious, it is crucial that you actually clear out a defined area for practicing. This will help you maintain a routine and keep you from common disturbances, like a housemate watching television.

·         Buy a music stand for holding all of your sheet music

·         Keep extra picks on hand

·         Treat yourself to some new components to try out, like a slide

·         Pen and paper, for writing your own songs or lyrics

With any number of these ideas, you can create a guitar-practicing space of your dreams and become the next great musician in your very own home!

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