Bass Fishing a Guide for the Beginner

Bass Fishing

Let’s face it, bass fishing is challenging. The question each angler perpetually asks  is “How do I catch more large fish?” There isn’t an easy answer to this question, however thereBass Fishing Lure exist several bass fishing tips which will increase your fish-catching odds. We tend to combine all of our fishing data and pass along this list of tried and true tips that will give you a chance at becoming a successful angler.

The Nature of Bass

The most vital issue, and most relevant of all the bass fishing tips, is placement of your lure wherever the fish may be hiding. To do that, you have got to seek out a hiding spot on the body of water you’re fishing. Hiding comes in many forms such as rock, wood, boat docks, grass, lily pads, and spots you discover as well. Bass like to lurk around these hiding spots and so it helps conceal them in order that they are able to ambush their prey. There can be times where they can be spotted roaming in open water, however they’ll be less likely to find than fish holding on a good hiding spot.

What is my diet ? What do Bass eat?

They can be savages. Across the country bass have quite the broad diet consisting of bait-fish like shad and freshwater bream to quite odder prey like baby ducks. It’s vital to “Match the Hatch” in order that your lure imitates the sort of forage that the bass in your native waters will be feeding on. If bass seem to be feeding on shad, throw a silver colored crank-bait or swim-bait. If tiny minnows seem to be the primary forage wherever you’re fishing, a drop-shot rig with a tiny plastic could also be your most suitable choice.

More on when, where and how….

Spring prespawn and fall tend to be the most effective times to land bass. Their metabolisms become revved up and will be excessively aggressive at these times, thus make certain and get out on the water around these seasons.

Just locate one bass and you’ll be set. Once you discover areas that the bass congregate your on your way. Bass collect in groups that may usually be found within the same holes over and over. Remember your bass spots and make certain to mark them on your GPS.

Use shiny lures if it’s sunny out. The sun can shine on lures like spinners, and this may grab the eye of a bass. Bass can be comparatively lazy fish thus obtaining their attention is vital.

Cover additional water. Bass can sometimes be pretty aggressive and if you set bait ahead of them, most of the time they’ll take it. Troll and make use of big areas or send your line out and retrieve. I sometimes troll smaller fatter crank baits over rocky beds till I locate areas that bass congregate.

Troll a floater over the weed beds. This method works well on those hot summer days while bass begin to hide and move into the weed beds from the sun.

Use a tube jig tipped with a chunk of a live worm. this is one of several secret fishing lures of mine that appears to figure wonderfully all season long. you’ll change what jig weight you employ consistent with the water depth.

And most of all relax and have fun. (your not at work !)